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“You can prepare for anything. Except for a man who collects egg cartons”

Soon after moving to England I began collecting egg cartons. I remember once hearing that they could be used for sound proofing so I thought I’d tape a few to a wall. I told my flatmates and a few neighbors to give me their empties. I’d come home and there would be a new one on the kitchen table or one left in the mailbox for me. One day, while struggling to write, I looked over at the pile of cartons and decided to build something.

egg cartons 001

And more egg cartons continued to come.

eggs&bristol 003

So I kept building.

eggs&bristol 017

Almost everyone thought it was strange that I had so many egg cartons–especially considering that I don’t actually eat eggs–but once anyone saw it they would pledge to bring me all their future cartons.

eggs&bristol 021

Sometimes I used it to help get me started on writing something new…but sometimes I would just feel like building something. Most designs have some kind of challenge I give myself, often creating co-dependent columns that counter balance each other or fall into each other.

eggs&bristol 023

hair 054

My room was chosen, in part because of the egg cartons, to be photographed and put into future promotional material for the University of East Anglia–whose slogan is “Do Different.” So I built a chicken.

eggs&bristol 027

When the hired photographer arrived there was a quite a bit of confusion (I was away during all this). He couldn’t figure how to properly shoot the chicken–or believe the University actually wanted him too. My favorite quote from it all was:¬†“You can prepare for anything. ¬†Except for a man who collects egg cartons”



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