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Why Are People So Damn Excited About Bitcoin?

l9UacnwThis week a new app—QuickCoin—created a way for anyone to send and receive Bitcoin via their Facebook account. In my excitement I added some bitcoin to my Facebook wallet and posted a message on my wall that I would send some Bitcoin to anyone who asked. Within a few hours I had sent a thousand bits to friends on five continents. In fact, I even sent it to some strangers who just saw the message on other people’s feeds. Why would anyone do that?

I am a Bitcoin Evangelist. Evangelism has some rather negative connotations for me, but if I’m being honest, I think I have become one. When Bitcoin gets brought up in conversation by friend or stranger I’m likely to go off on a tangent. When I found out a pub in my city accepts it, I bought drinks for friends. When bad news comes out about it, I’ll probably find a way to spin it as positive. And I’m not alone. Not by a long shot. In r/Bitcoin, the phrase “This is actually good news,” is sure to find its way into just about every discussion. It’s usually a playful bit of self-mocking, but is also born from the reality that many Bitcoiners see everything through rose-colored glasses.

I can’t explain it without wading into evangelism a bit. Bitcoin is revolutionary. It has the potential to completely reshape the world we live in. As a currency, yes, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Blockchain does not have to be limited to sending stores of value; it can be used to send any information. What makes Bitcoin so revolutionary is that it is decentralized. Power is the problem, too few people have too much of it. Bitcoin could flatten hierarchy.

I realize that I’m not explaining the protocol. This is actually good news!

No, I’m just kidding. The protocol can be a bit complex which makes some people hesitant to come on board, but I think that complexity is necessary. If you are interested, please do make the plunge and start reading and researching.

What I want to explain here is the phenomena of Bitcoin evangelism. I can only speak for myself, but think this may hold true for others as well. It is far more a potential than a reality, but this is something that can quite literary change the world. Not only that but it is evolving at breakneck speed, so fast that you can actually watch the changes taking place. So please forgive my excitement at times, I have found something beautiful and new and simply want to share that.

(And, of course, if you are interested in getting started, I would be happy to help, just send me a message.)

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  • Here is a thought = instead of giving bit coin to some who will never use it, or waste it find a way to help make it the great leveler. Coinbase is making a mint ( pun intended) on trades. Get them to pledge some % of their profits or charges to UNICEF and then turn that into a campaign. Then people who share your sense of justice can be adopters of bit coin and also pass some benefit to UNICEF.

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