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The Northern Lights over the Arctic Ocean (Iceland)

I spent the last week in Iceland, much of it at the Northwest corner of the nation. All of these photos are taken from the West Fjords, near Ísafjörður. The water in the foreground is a fjord leading into the Arctic Ocean. iceland 461

iceland 405

iceland 412

iceland 427

iceland 285

One of the most incredible things about the Northern Lights is it’s movement. They slowly appear, disappear and pulse across the sky. I used 30 second exposure on all photos here, and to try to show movement took a series of photos immediately after each other using the same position (ie. 30 seconds apart). The next three are one such series.

iceland 470

iceland 471

iceland 472

And one more series of three:

iceland 292

iceland 293

iceland 294

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