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The New Imperialism

Violent takeover (see the U.S. in Iraq) and repression (see China in Xinjiang or Tibet) still exist, but for the most part the new imperialism is much more subtle and powered by citizens rather than governments. In much of the world you will find Western tourists and small Chinese business owners working unconsciously together to shape the world in the mold of their home nation.
From Guatemala to Ghana, Western tourists are willing to pay ten times the local prices to have familiar food and air conditioned rooms, and in the rush to take their money the local culture begins to bend. Meanwhile, families from Beijing invest their life savings or take loans from the Chinese government to open small stores in cities and towns across the world, selling products cheaper than the local competition.
It’s no longer as overt as guerilla warfare and propping up friendly dictators, but the two global super powers are still competing to change the world to fit their image.
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