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The Iraq War: A Trilogy

iraq-graffittiI vaguely remember the first time the U.S. invaded Iraq. We called it Desert Storm or the Gulf War then. It may be my earliest memory of nationalism. I was nine and recall the lunch ladies at my school handing out ribbons to the kids to support the troops. I didn’t think much of it then. The people with guns from my country were the good guys; the people with guns from the other country were the bad guys.

The sequel came when I was studying at University and old enough to realize things were far more complex—and that people who force their agenda at the barrel of a gun are the enemy, regardless of where they are from. That attitude got me called a traitor, beat up and sent to jail.

I happily thought The Iraq War, or at least U.S. military involvement there, was over. But alas, it seems this is a trilogy. It takes a good bit of memory-loss and cognitive dissidence to argue that the first two rounds were beneficial to either the U.S. or Iraq public, but it doesn’t seem like that will stand in the way.

War, all of the time.

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