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Ukraine Conflict: Don’t Trust The Media

The armed rebellion by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine has been ongoing for nearly a year, and if you believe everything Western media says, it’s astonishing that the conflict did not end months ago. It does not have popular support and is propped up by Russian troops; but that effort, combined with sanctions, has brought

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The Iraq War: A Trilogy

I vaguely remember the first time the U.S. invaded Iraq. We called it Desert Storm or the Gulf War then. It may be my earliest memory of nationalism. I was nine and recall the lunch ladies at my school handing out ribbons to the kids to support the troops. I didn’t think much of it

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Leaving America

I desperately wanted to see the world, not the one I read about in history books or heard sound bites of on television, but the real world, with all of its agony and all of its gluttony.

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