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From Idealism to Cynicism at FEMA

I worked for FEMA on an elite, mobile, language needs team after Superstorm Sandy. I wanted to help but the internal work culture shocked me into cynicism.

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The Day The World Stood Still

Today, I am moving from New York to England. I have a lot of strong memories about this little island at the center of the world that I will carry with me across the Atlantic, but none as strong as 9/11. In 2009, while working as a reporter, I penned this reflection. So long New York, I’ll miss you.

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Brooklyn is Burning

***This was the first post of my first blog, circa 2010. I’ve since moved to queens, though its 2013 and I’m still in NYC. It’s harder to get to know lady liberty than I thought–or maybe I just like what I see. I’ll be re-posting a best-of from that old blog while I work out

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