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Revolutions: Naxilites

Communist rebels taking over huge swaths of land in India may sound like a forgotten chapter of the Cold War, but it’s not. Communist militias are now active in 20 of India’s 28 states, control hundreds of small villages and the government describes the Maoist/Naxalite insurgency as the biggest internal security threat the nation has

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Don’t Be Afraid to Fall

Not every experience ends well but one lesson travel has taught me is that to learn we must not be afraid to fall.

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Forty-Five Minutes to God

Halfway through a two-month-long trip backpacking through the south of India, I went to an elephant sanctuary. I was taking pictures when a man casually asked if I would like to meet God. “How far away is he?” I asked. “Very close. We have a van and we can take you. Only forty-five minutes.” He

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