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The Tragedy of the City

For two months I lived in an isolated Himalayan village, hemmed in on all sides by soaring, snow-capped peaks. I’ve passed through places like this before but had never stayed long enough to fully adjust. This time, when I finally did leave, it seemed the world had changed and the city had become a terrible

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Kagbeni, Nepal: The most beautiful village in the world

I have been living with a family in Kagbeni, Nepal for over a month–and this village, high in the Himalayas, is perhaps the most beautiful I have ever seen. A few photos to tell it’s story: Kagbeni, Nepal located at 2800 meters.   The main square. Though located within Nepal the village is almost all

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Photos: Annapurna Valley, Nepal

This gallery contains 8 photos.

I spent three weeks trekking around the Annapurna Valley in Nepal–home to 8 of the 20 tallest peaks in the world. These are some of my favorite photos. Not included are any photos from in or around Kagbeni, which was my favorite village in the valley and where I am temporarily living. I’ll soon post

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A Beautiful Interruption

A broken bus axle turns a desolate Himalayan road into a temporary community.

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Into The Himalayas

I landed in Laos four months ago without any plan besides wanting to live in a new part of the world and get under it’s skin. That’s not really what happened. Instead I became intensely interested in the millions of bombs left over from a U.S. bombing campaign that ended four decades ago. It’s a

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