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Local Blogger Got It Right

Editors note: This is from an anonymous former FEMA employee, written in response to “An Insider’s Critique of FEMA.” If any current or former FEMA employees have a story/ critique for this blog you may send as an email to j.a.dennehy@gmail.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After reviewing the main story and the following comments, and after serving in

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FEMA Critique Goes Viral

When I wrote “An Insider’s Critique of FEMA” earlier this month I had no idea it would catch fire. The post was shared in a nationwide mass-email to all FEMA employees and passed on to thousands of others. I knew that my experiences mirrored those I worked with but was surprised at all the messages

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An Insider’s Critique of FEMA

For three months I have worked 60 hours a week for FEMA, witnessing first-hand the inner-workings and organizational mentality from a wide range of inside perspectives. My initial placement was on a mobile, language-needs strike team that was based out of the Joint Field Office (JFO) in Forest Hills, Queens. I was later reassigned to

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