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The Story of B

I live in a mostly abandoned neighborhood where packs of wild dogs roam free–and sometimes attack me. I began to hate dogs. Then I met B.

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Election Protests May Give New Life To Ecuador’s Dormant Social Movements

Last Sunday Ecuador’s ruling party won another presidential election, though the opposition alleged fraud almost immediately. Election night witnessed opposition protests throughout the country. It was a predictable event. It was going to a very close election and the political climate has become so toxic that both sides seemed convinced if they lost it would

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Tear Gas and Disputed Elections in Ecuador

Amid a disputed election and allegations of fraud nationwide protests break out in Ecuador.

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Pig Sex

The clouds had cleared and there was still time before the sun fell behind the mountains so when I got to the top of the hill, where I was supposed to turn left to head home, I kept going. I cycled past the airport and up another hill that took me away from the highway,

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A Tale of $2 Bills in Ecuador

  Last night, upon returning to Latacunga after traveling with my god-daughter and her family for Carnival, I invited everyone out for pizza. All I had to pay was a stack of $2 bills. That’s all I ever have in Ecuador. Since the nation was dollarized in 2000 not many of these bills have made

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You can learn a lot about a place by observing how dogs exist within that society. I’ll compare the U.S., Ecuador and Laos; three nations I have lived in with vastly different cultures. In the U.S. stray dogs are almost entirely non existent because any that do are quickly trapped and put in cages. Many

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Rafael Correa: from candidate for change to president for life

Once a darling of the Ecuadorian left, the president’s power-grabs and policy reversals have hollowed out his support from the social movements that first brought him to power

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The Curious Case of $2 Bills in Ecuador

This story first appeared in The Billfold and has been featured by Public Radio International’s The World, The John Batchelor Show and The New York Times.


It’s my last night in Ecuador and I’m leaving a bar with some friends when one of the bartenders runs out after us.

“Are you the guy who exchanges $2 bills?”


He pulls out a ten. “I’ll take five.”

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