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Occupy is Dead; Long Live Occupy!

For a few weeks last fall if you visited the occupation in the financial district you could taste it in the air; the world was about to turn over. Occupy Wall Street stuck a chord of discontent so profound that thousands gladly went to jail, yet so simple everyone understood. It was a visceral outrage

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Election Night as a Unit of Measurement

Last night I watched the election returns from International Territory. During the 2004 vote, I was still in college, a month from graduation –and I hated everything George W. Bush represented. I was an activist, organizing rallies and teach-ins and even going door to door stumping for the Green Party in local elections. We played drinking games—it

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Brooklyn is Burning

***This was the first post of my first blog, circa 2010. I’ve since moved to queens, though its 2013 and I’m still in NYC. It’s harder to get to know lady liberty than I thought–or maybe I just like what I see. I’ll be re-posting a best-of from that old blog while I work out

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