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bk feb 083Before I ever moved to NYC I idolized the subway system here.  My riding experiences were mostly in Manhattan and it forever amazed me that underneath all the towering skyscrapers exited such a vast network of tunnels and trains that kept the city moving.

When I moved to Brooklyn the first thing that went up on my wall was a subway map and it didn’t take me long to buy an unlimited pass.  I have been making good use of the map and pass ever since, exploring my new home.
The utility of the underground network has begun to fade with my daily riding as I have begun to notice how poorly the city manages the underground blueprint that made this one of the greatest urban centers in the history of humanity; but the subway has begun to impress me in a new way.  Diversity.  NYC is the home of the immigrant, the transplant, the transient, and where you really see that is on the subway once your cross the East River and get out of the more popular areas of Manhattan.  New York is full of very different neighborhoods but there is a fair amount of self segregation and the different groups tend to stay with their own – except on the subway cars that connect them all.  If you really want to get to know New York, all you need to do is ride the subway.
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