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My first book comes out next month!

More than a decade after I was deported from Ecuador then snuck back in, I am publishing a book about it. Next month. I began jotting down thoughts and notes while I was still in the process of living illegally and sneaking across borders so in a very real way this book has taken me more than a decade to write.

When I began, I was curious about writing, but frankly not very good at it. At least on the scale of a book length project. Now, I make a living using words and language. This book, or rather my desire to translate the experience into an entertaining but also provocative story, is what made me a writer. It was my motivation in taking the craft more seriously. It’s why I signed up for classes when I returned to New York. It’s why I moved to England and went back to university. This book has been my finish line.

The scariest part? I’m not sure it’s any good. Sure, I’ve worked hard. Sure, I’ve grown as a writer. Sure, it’s a vast improvement over the early drafts. But I’m also aware of how subjective these things can be. I’m also aware that you, the reader, may not care. It’s a terrifying thought.

The book itself is a slice of one of the most trying parts of my life that I’m frankly not excited to share. The message underneath it all is deeply important to me. I’ve put so much of myself into this; and it still might not be any good. I’m not trying to be dramatic, I’m trying to be honest.

I realize this is a strange way to announce this on my blog. I know I’m supposed to only talk in positives because that’s a better marketing strategy. But that’s not real. This is exciting and happy; but it’s also scary.

To read more about the book go here. I’ll write more about the book and release in the coming weeks. You’ll be able to buy physical or digital copies in mid-July.

Onward & upward!

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