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Monsanto: A Beginner’s Guide To The World’s Most Dangerous Corporation (M24)


Today, 400 protests in over 50 nations will join a grassroots effort called March Against Monsanto. But who is Monsanto and why should you know about them?

You may not think you’re familiar with Monsanto, but you probably eat Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) created by them every day. Monsanto created the first GMO in 1985 but only in the past few years has their use become widespread in our food supply. (How are GMOs created?) 

The most common way Monsanto uses GMOs is to artificially manipulate a crop so that it can withstand a specific type of all-purpose poison. They sell both the genetically modified seed as well as the poison. The engineering allows the farmer to blanket the crops in pesticides and while the GMO is unaffected everything else is killed. While there are GMOs for a wide variety of crops Monsanto has focused its attention on several strategic markets, for example 93% of soybeans and 86% of corn are now GMO—and these numbers continue to rise.

What are the long term effects of consuming GMOs? No one knows definitively. On the company website Monsanto directs critics to a 2009 study by the United Kingdom that found nutritional content to be roughly equal between GMO and natural foods—but that is where their defense ends. The logic is that if a GMO orange has roughly the same vitamin C content as a non-GMO orange then there is nothing to worry about. The same study that Monsanto uses to defend itself explicitly states that it does not address the impact of the blanket application of herbicides and pesticides on human health or the environment. It also states that only one third of studies cited fit quality standards.

Meanwhile, researchers have claimed that the GMO giant has thwarted attempts to pursue research that may show ill effects. Other studies have shown links between GMO food and Celiac disease and that GMO corn causes tumors, organ failure, cancer and premature death in rats. Additional research has shown the widespread adoption of Monsanto’s products has also been linked with significant nitrogen run-off which is creating dead zones in the oceans and an alarming mass die off of bees.

(Even more studies.)

There are other bio-tech companies profiting from GMOs but Monsanto has been particularly aggressive. They own patents on second generation seeds produced from their GMO crops as well as GMOs that produce infertile seeds known as “suicide seeds.” They sue farmers for patent infringement, and also pour huge amounts of money into defeating efforts to legislate any labeling of GMO foods. They have been accused of using tactics pioneered by big tobacco to influence the public’s perception about their products safety.

A revolving door exists between Monsanto and US regulatory and judicial bodies. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a former Monsanto lawyer, wrote the majority opinion on a key Monsanto case. Michael Taylor once represented Monsanto, and is now the current FDA Deputy Commissioner for Policy.

There is a growing global resistance against Monsanto. Farmers and activists have been burning fields of GMO crops, and a growing list of nations have banned GMOs all together. But it is still an uphill battle. Monsanto has become particularly entrenched in the United States where is has its headquarters but even there progress is being made. Whole Foods and Chipotle have announced plans to phase out all GMO ingredients. In April Vermont became the first state to require GMO labels on food. And just this week, two Oregon counties voted to ban GMOs all together.

These are just the basics. There is an enormous amount of information out there and a growing number of organizations working to create change. Read the links here, share this story, do your own research and get involved.

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40 comments on “Monsanto: A Beginner’s Guide To The World’s Most Dangerous Corporation (M24)

    • liar site

      • From Anonymous. Also you clearly didn’t look at the site. It’s legit.
        Now attempted troll, please leave.

        • Propaganda, not Logic

          May 24, 2014 at 5:43 pm


          Logic: How much money were you paid to post that? a penny for your thoughts? That site is an absolute propaganda campaign to caste the most positive light on “advancements in agriculture” and downplaying the dangers it poses. “Gee, this site sounds smart and I like that it’s really bright and colorful. It must be true!”

          • Biochemistry Student

            May 25, 2014 at 4:15 am

            What a surprise! Some anti-GMO idiot claims that credible SCIENTIFIC studies are the result of some shill who was paid. Every single one of you ignoramuses say this bullshit whenever you are backed into a corner with objectively I correct statements about GMOs.

  • Philip coolbeth

    May 23, 2014 at 8:05 pm


    If GMOs are safe as they say then why would they care if they are labeled

    • Because of ignorant idiots who are obsessive in their warped idea that GMOs are bad for you. For some reason, everything needs to be labelled – GMO or naturally grown.

      Do you know WHY they are growing MORE FOOD?

      GMOs are a huge part of industry, therefore it IS well regulated, and well tested.

      So here’s a question to all the anti-GMO-ers here.

      Would you rather die of starvation or survive eating GMOs?
      Because it may very well come down to that.

      • You really must be insane or are so blinded by stupidity that you cannot see the truth. The effects of Monsanto are already effecting people’s health, and we still don’t know what the long term effects are/will be. Atleast by dying of starvation (which we won’t) we will not dye even more horrible deaths by poisoning, genetic deficiency and mutations, I would like to know where you are getting your information from, it may very well be tested, but the findings of these tests are not showing long term effects, and have already proven that it causes numerous cancers, allergies and other autoimmune deficencies. Read all you can about these issues, become informed, and back up your statements regarding monsanto, and maybe people will believe. Labelling foods is a certain way people with food allergies and/or preferences can know and decide what they eat.

        • I hope you starve to death.
          GMO foods are labelled. Those who eat them do so at their own choice. It’s just such a shame that some of us want people to survive, and others want to watch the world starve. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you get your meal, right Sherri?

          • Logic your logic has no logic. Does it matter if I starve to death or die of poisoning while poisoning my children?

          • sherri crawford

            May 24, 2014 at 9:14 am

            Ok. You clearly are ignorant and beligerant. Where do you see gmo food being labeled? I just don’t see where your information is comming from. Even if perhaps, some of it is labeled everything I’ve researched states that there are no regulations or a set guideline to follow, so even though “some” things may be labeled, and there is a general list of what foods are gmo foods, it can be done to any food, and we wouldn’t know. You’re childish, ignorant response was not required, and I was not saying that I want anyone to starve, but starvation seems alot better than being poisoned and possibly dying and not being able to procreate because our dna is so manipulated that ilness ceases the population. Maybe do some more research before putting down people who truly care about humanity.

          • sherri crawford

            May 24, 2014 at 9:19 am

            And also, I happen to suffer from celiac disease, so, in response to your question, Logic, my next meal could be my last. I bet you don’t spend your time having to read labels of EVERY food you eat to make sure you’re not poisoned.

          • GMO Questions

            May 25, 2014 at 2:10 am

            Well, maybe if you know which products are GMO, you could eat them at your own choice. Somehow you may know this information. Care to share how you can obtain this information?

          • Outrightcrazyazzbitchthatdoesntlikemonsantoorgmos

            July 31, 2014 at 12:10 am

            Logic your and IDIOT!!!!

        • Biochemistry Student

          May 25, 2014 at 4:20 am



          Also, your spelling, diction, and grammar clearly indicate your lack of education in not only chemistry, but in general. Just please go away and stop halting human progress. Millions of lives are saved every year by high-yield GMOs in arid conditions (that organic could NEVER grow in) in third world countries. And you sit on your ass behind a computer, smugly telling people what they should and should not eat WHEN YOU HAVE NO EDUCATION IN NUTRITION OR CHEMISTRY.

          • Quite a lot of shouting there! Even if there is no concrete evidence that GMO’s cause cancer. There is enough circumstantial evidence to at least carry out a proper scientific study of the effects of GMO’s on humans. Until that study is completed then all production of GMO’s should be stopped
            So Stop shouting and getting angry you arrogant know-it-all and pull your head out of your arse!

        • I think logic works for monsanto

      • Are you declaring the amount that Monsanto pays you to say that in your income tax?

      • Things won’t come down to eating GMO or starving. That maybe Monsanto’s goal, but that is far from any reality.

      • Logic, it is important to read ALL literature – not just the ones you adhere to (for profit or otherwise). Start here, it includes refrences:

  • Industry trolls are out in force before the march! 😀

  • Finally! an argument that doesn’t paint GMO’s as an inherent crime against nature!

    this is literally the reason why I hate Monsanto: not the GMO’s, but the pesticide use.

  • Only problem I have with this is, “but only in the past few years has their use become widespread in our food supply.” They’ve been around and in our food for more than just a few years – 1996 is when GMOs entered our food supply, that’s almost 18 years, not just a few.

  • 200 million euros worth of taxpayer-funded safety testing of GMO crops:

    “The main conclusion to be drawn from the efforts of more than 130 research
    projects, covering a period of more than 25 years of research,
    and involving more than 500 independent research groups, is
    that biotechnology, and in particular GMOs, are not per se
    more risky than e.g. conventional plant breeding technologies.”

  • There is no reason for this blog post. It’s just regurgitating the same old disproved conspiracy theory garbage for y’all to masturbate to and confirm your bias. Boring.

  • All you edumacated/brainwashed folks need to open your brains to reason. Monsanto is a criminal enterprise and needs to go. The collusive manipulation occurring is more than obvious. Corporations don’t play ball that hard unless they are up to no good. The revolving door of The FDA and Monsanto is a joke. Big pharma is banking on the GMO’s to double it’s take every five years and making our lives dependent on drugs. The educations your getting are controlled by the same evil people behind Monsanto, which would explain the brainwashed ignorant bias in some of these comments. F*ck Monsanto !!!

  • Has anyone ever been proven to have died from eating GMO food?

  • I propose that those of us who agree unite. Governments are not aboutto legislate. One idea: How about we give products and companies a red, orange or green dot. In effect we blacklist them – I am very tired of us the majority being vitim to greedy companies. They cut off our power supplies, poison our food, make us fat, kill our forest, cause pollution all while making many live in fear of not being about to meet their financial demands. Governments appear to be moving further and further to the right as companies take control. We the people need a voice..Any other ideas to force change?

    Here in Australia this right wing Government has attacked the very poorest and powerless its time we said no!

  • No one has mentioned monsanto is making it impossible for farmers to save their own seed, even if they arent involved with monsanto. If their land is close to monsanto field, monsanto claims its seed blew onto farmers land, so they no longer have right to save their own seed. Monsanto goes to court all the time, and they are WINNING..
    They will be in control of all seed soon, and the worlds food supply being controlled by a mindless money hungry corporation that cares about nothing but profit and power, by its nature, is a very frightening thought…

  • If I told you there is a better way to ward off insects and parasites would you believe it? To understand this you must understand the harmonic matrix and you must understand that on earth we pass through it incorrectly. There is complete code in magnetism and there is unstable code because of the earth being on a tilted axis and in an oval pattern around the sun is causing unequal balance within that code of energy. With harmonics and symetry in energy we can complete that code three dimensionally. This is complete quantum physics I am sharing with you that I alone are a master of. If we complete the energy code or connect to the harmonic balance perhaps the mind of God’s creations would change productively as their little minds are conformed to harmony instead of Darwin type psychosis. Eat of be eaten! Perhaps confusion in energy causes delusional behavior. By Michael Wayne Morrison

  • I think everyone needs to do their research. GMOs sound like a good idea but in reality it hurts us. The chemicals that are injected into seeds and animals increase infertility, birth disorders, food allergies, and chronic illnesses such as cancer.

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