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A map of different writing systems throughout the world. It's only vaguely related, but it is a map--and I love maps.

A map of different writing systems throughout the world. It’s only vaguely related, but it is a map–and I love maps.

One of the few constants in my life is my affection for the written word. I change jobs, nations and homes with a great deal of frequency but I always want to write, and always hope to improve—both my words and the world around me.

In the fall I’ll be on the move again, this time on a one-way flight to England to pursue a post-graduate degree in Creative Nonfiction. I’m also in negotiations with a publisher about my long overdue book Illegal: An American Crossing Borders. Going abroad to grad school complicates the book’s publishing, but one way or another the book will be published soon after I graduate (which is still a long ways away but at least something tangible).

I had an unexpected recent success when a post on my previous blog critiquing FEMA went viral and was passed around to thousands of professional disaster relief workers. Dozens of them wrote to thank me for writing and tell me they thought it might actually affect how FEMA responds to the next disaster. It was exactly why I write and why I am so excited to go away and learn to do so even better. That blog was admittedly amateurish so I’d like to make it more likely that something similar happens again. Maybe a future post here will catch on, or maybe I’ll just get some good practice and get a few more readers for Illegal and future books or articles. Either way, this is a beginning that will lead to better things.


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