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  • Hey Mr Dennhey, thanks for taking the time to document this online. It’s pretty sad but given the time we live in, pretty unsurprising they can do and get away with this kind of shit behaviour. All in all it makes me all the more proud to have stepped outside the box and have left the traditional world of fiat for the world of bitcoin.

    So say we all.

  • good luck getting your money back, if you manage it can you update this I had about £2,300 frozen and never got it back, i’m going to sue them. All they give you is an address to write to to get the money back but I never got any replies even with multiple letters sent. There’s no phone number you can call, it’s like a big scam, only way i will get any attention from them is if i sue them, so please update if you actually get your money back because I certainly can’t get any reply from them and it’s been over a year now.

  • They didn’t call the authorities on you so there was no wrong-doing on your part. But they just up and decide to terminate your account and not return your assets so, you certainly have grounds to call the authorities on them. And if they did this to you, it’s a good bet they’ve done it to many others. Don’t worry, they’ll get what’s coming to them.

  • First call a collection agency and file. If it goes to court and they don’t show you win by default. Their letter is condemns them in their own hand. Then contact local collection’s sheriff and they will go to the bank and seize their assets.

  • You should get your MP on the case. Or a journalist. This cannot stand. The fuckers will rue the day.

  • Have you managed to open an account with another bank?

  • I’ve updated the post with some new information. Thanks for all the comments and support!

  • Hi John, Please can you get in touch with me? I have had the exact same thing happen to me at around the same date. I am still owed money from barclays but no response still? Would be great if we could speak and try get these dirty ***** bank reported.

  • Hi Tanveer could u please contact me as well I had the exact same problem just now my email is manish _. gp. 21. @ yahoo com

  • John just want to know if they return your money and do they contact you at all!? Coz they are not even talking to me! Pls help and advice

  • hi mannish I’m in the same position for £2000 with barclays. Please contact me zacpajnigar@outlook.com

  • Hi zac I have left U a message via email, just wanted to know what’s going on with your case?

  • Hi Jenna u can email me on manish_gp21@yahoo.com or text me on 07463804081

  • Hello again. Unfortunately, I do not have any new information about my situation. As I said in the post, I was able to get most of my money out before the account was frozen but have no idea the exact reason because Barclays refused to talk to me about it. I think the cause may be someone tried to reverse a payment into my account, but that’s just speculation and I can not be certain. I have talked with a journalist doing research on UK bank accounts being closed, I’ll refer her to this thread now. She has been reaching out to banks so she may know more than us. If anyone wants to contact me directly you can find my email in the ‘about’ tab on the top left.

    • hi how can i contact the journalist as this happened to me closed all 3 company accounts 25.000 while i was oversees setting up a school for a charity

  • Hi. I read about this in reddit when it happened to you. Although I had no idea you were a local to me bitcoiner!

    Fellow Norwich bitcoiner here. Been interested since just before the silk road closure. Seen some highs and lows! Great to see someone local involved.

  • Barclays closed my account and took over £11, 000 of my money!? I have been dealing with them for 3 months and still no money!!!! I am freaking out, I also am now living in Los Angeles so it makes this even trickier! Has anyone been able to get their money back after they have closed the account and taken it???

  • Have you guys tried to fill in the form from mylostaccount.org.uk?

  • I am in the process of getting me money back after Barclays closed my account in 2012. I got this website mylostaccount.org.uk when I was chatting with one of their customer service advisers. Lets hope they not make my life difficult…

  • I am in the exact same position and I am do not know what to do at the moment. Can someone please contact me in regards to this story and tell me how they resolved their issue if possible. I am only only 18 and this will effect my life greatly if I don’t find a way to fix this problem. My email is hajimon_54@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you

  • I have tried to open a new bank account, but that has also been closed down. Can someone please give me advice on how to fix this issue. I’m really struggling to pay for small things like food.

    Thank you

  • The cash machine just took my card. I opened the account 5 days ago. Today i got the pin and I went to the machine to register on pingit. Guess what I entered the pin once. I’ve clicked tegister pingit And after card swallowed. O called them and they said to go to the branch and speak with them because my account got closed. I’ll go tomorrow and see wtf is wrong with them. Not even a transaction on my account by now. This is really weird.

    • The same thing happened to me the machine also took my card wgen i tried to change my pin. my account was closed after 5days of opening really frustrating I tried to open another bank account and was refused.when I called baclays said they have the right to open and close account anytime they even closed my backaycard I had prior to the time ..please keep me posted on ifyjuliet4real@yahoo.co.uk

  • Guys lodge a complaint with Barclays before doing anything and they will return your money. You will have to take your card and two pieces of ID with you and this will be sorted out. Similar happened with me and they returned my money.

    The next phase if they do not return is to contact FInancial conduct authority and send them a written complain along with complaining the financial ombudsman. Together they will get your money out of those rascals. Barclays is notorious in closing bank accounts for no reason Avoid Barclays at all times. They consider everybody but themselves as fraudsters and criminals Yet everybody know they are people’s money and are fraudsters themselves

    • Ali 12£ came into my lloyds account, I transferred 10£ into my barcalys, money came Wednesday I rung to Lloyds that I’ve lost debit could you please block and send me new one, they blocked my account and online banking as well. When I been to branch they said its fraud, I explained but it’s been a week now my account is blocked and freez 500£. Do you know what idiot did they also informed to Barclays. They blocked my account and I had 9k they removed funds and sayings Lloyds told us its fraud. I don’t know what shall I do.. They my made my hell.. Could any one help me out I’m in very suitutaion.. Thanks in anticipation.

      • I’m in the exact same situation I had 15000£ in my Llyod and did an online transfer of £6000 to my Barclays now both my accounts are frozen they say it’s fraud too and thus only happened yesterday I don’t know what to do

  • Same thing has happened to me as well! So frustrated, had £11,000 in my account. £9k in my current account. They’ve released £3,500, another £5,500 left! They are terrible! Been with them four years. They won’t even notify you when have to go pick the money up, it’s you that will have to chase up with them! Don’t ever let them get away with your money. Have also complained to the ombudsman, and they will take things further as Jury will decide whether barclays did the write thing or not by closing the account, and they are not in favour of either parties. As barclays are terrible when it comes to complaints. They don’t want to know you after your in a difficult situation

  • i am in the same boat, closed my account yesterday without warning , £900 in the account and now i am in severe hardship

  • can anyone tell me if they got the money back out of the account please. im at my wits end, Derek , Glasgow

  • Hi,
    I just migrated to the UK on a 2 year visa, and created a account with Barclays, ( had a Zero balance during opening ) , bank person never asked me to deposit anything.
    I assimed it will be ok when my salary is credited. within 2 days i got a letter that the account will be closed in 2 months. However they have sent me the debit card, online backing all the things.

    Not sure my credit history is being screwed even before it starts to build !
    Any guesses on what could have caused this will be appreciated.

    • Hi, my girlfriend has the same problem. Did you resolved it? It’s totally wird thing.

      • Exact same problem, did you resolve the issue? I’m here with a 5 year residence card (EEA Family Permit) as I’m married with an European who works in the UK.

        I opened an current account with Barclays 2 weeks ago and just today received the exact same letter. After reading all these comments I’ve decided to transfer all my money out of the account but I’m still interested in keeping the bank account as I don’t want to go through all the hassle of opening a new one.

        Is there anything you could do to solve your problem?
        Please any advice would be highly appreciated!

  • My friends account has been frozen with Barclays their a law unto themselves I’m on here trying to find info on that as millions are involved to try help her as her daughter’s disabled. They are the ones committing the fraud if you ask me and should be stopped!!

  • I cannot believe this? same kind of letter but signed by a different staff. I have held the account for over 4 years, no loan..no overdraft..not a single returned cheq or issues whatsoever..? never overdrawn..over 15k balance for the past 6month.. my staff salary etc all from the account and they wrote this nasty letter to me…can anyone help me pls…I am really upset! did every single thing right! and this is about the time the business is doing well..

  • Same has happened to me this month letter was written on the 14th and said your accounts will close on the 15th I only got the letter on the 19th had the account for less than 5 months whats also weird is that this is the second bank to do this to me first was my long term bank for 7 years Natwest now Barclays.

  • I have a same problem. I opened a bank account 2 weeks ago, and today i got a letter they will close my account on 21/10/2015. And no informations why. My friend transfer 10 pound 3 days ago, just in case. I will go to the nearest branch and will see what happen. If i have any new info i will update.
    (Sorry for my english)

  • I have been a customer of Barclay’s for over 40 yrs…never any problems.
    BUT that all changed a few weeks ago when my accounts, both personal and business were suspended without any warning. I only found out when I filled my car up with fuel and my card was not authorised.
    I am making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman against Barclay’s Bank for the way I have been treated. Barclay’s are the Fraudsters.
    In brief on the 16th July I contacted the bank to say that I did not recognise a withdrawal of £139.99 from my business account that I did not authorise. My accounts (all) were suspended and I could not get any answers from any of the teams at Barclay’s. It took about a week and several phone calls lasting hours before I had access to my accounts and on line account……no reason why, no apology
    This happened again about a week later and I was told that my business account was being investigated and would be available in a few days. It actually took 2 weeks, and again no reason why and no apology. Again many phone calls, lasting hours and being told different stories.
    On 14th August accounts suspended again. Contacted all the different departments, spent hours waiting on the phone, visiting bank and contacting business manager but no information again, or reasons why. This continued for 2 weeks (26th August) when I was told that if I went to bank with my passport I could withdraw some money
    from my account, I took a withdrawal of £500 from my personal account, but I closed my Business account as I needed to open another account to be able to continue trading and I had invoices to pay.
    I naively thought that all had been sorted. Indeed I had a £50.00 ‘’goodwill gesture’’ following my complaint in my personal account and that is why I concluded that business was back to usual, although still no on line account. I had no reasons why my accounts were suspended and I guessed that the £50 was the apology.
    On 2nd September I went to the bank with my mother to set up a joint account with her, that is when I discovered that all my accounts had been closed.
    I had not been informed, and only received a letter dated 28th August confirming that my accounts had been closed on 29th August when I opened my post on 5th September.
    I still have funds remaining in my account, but not sure whether I will be able to get them back. I have emailed my business manager, but await reply.
    The focus of my complaint is that Barclay’s have not given me any reasons why my account has been closed. I have lost business amounting to approx £10,000 over the period that my account has been suspended and investigated. I have not at any stage of the investigation been asked for any supporting evidence for the company.
    I have offered help in the way of proof of the business, emails, invoices every time that I have contacted the investigating team, and my business manager. I have not even been able to say anything in my defence about the company and what the service provides.
    The customers that have contacted the bank amount to less than 2% of the total customers. These customers I suspect are choosing not to pay for services for whatever reason and contact the bank to stop the payment.
    All of our customers contact us via our website with computer related problems, they are aware of the cost prior to the repair and payment is asked as soon as service completed. All information in our website, as is how to contact us if any problems, and our refund policy.
    We have customer emails, and invoices to prove what service has been done. The investigating team at no time during the investigating period asked for any supporting evidence from my company and seem to have believed those very few customers (4) instead of looking at both sides of the investigation.
    Even in a court of law both sides of any dispute are heard before the jury decides.
    To me it seems that Barclay’s have not done a thorough investigation, and closed my accounts for no reasons causing me undue stress, embarrassment, time and loss of income.
    Reading some of the comments posted it seems that my experience with Barclay’s is not unusual, in fact common!
    I am not sure whether I will get my money back, but surely if all people that have had this issue with Barclay’s wrote to the Financial Ombudsman then Barclay’s should be made to apologise to ex customers and compensate for loses and then they may not be so keen to act in this fraudulent manner

  • For me the same. A latter dated on …09/2015 that they will suspend my account in November. I have money my account, but only recently arrived in the UK and started to work, so till now not any spectacular money activity on my account.
    Talked with the bank adviser who opened my account and he/she suggested me to talk with those from the headquarter. These fellows told me to talk with those from the Branch. Called to the service for bank accounts (paid number – they make me await for response for 15 min – so my money) and one call operator helped and verified my account. He asked me if I had any debts – from where???, and tell me that the account seemed ok. After that, he closed the phone without telling me if this mean the is was a mistake or not. Called again – another operator talk with me but I have asked him to provide me information if I could stay calm – so no problems – told me he cannot see my account. The idea is that there is no contract for opening an account between me and the bank so I should play as they want me to. Tomorrow I will go back to try to speak with the branch manager to see what is the problem.

    I have several questions.
    1. What the risks if they close my account – I mean will I be registered in some kind of base with clients with let say problems.
    Should I have any problems in the future in opening another one to another bank?
    2. In case that I will close the account myself form my will without letting them do this can avoid that?
    3. I have seen that there is a possibility to switch my account to another bank. Is this performed directly by the bank to which want to transfer my account or should I provide them again all the documents required initially by Barclays for opening an account.

    I would appreciate an answer to this ASAP. I will come back tomorrow after going to Barclays.

    A nice evening to all of you!

    • Hi there, has anyone received their money back from Barclays? We had 20k in our account and barclays won’t tell us anything about why they froze the account. We need the money for the deposit for our first home and don’t know what to do. Please help.

  • I have banked with barclays 30 years however i pay my lanlord by standing order
    I explained to them my lanlord needs paying on 27 of month my money gets paid in the 30 6 of month which meant i had to cancel standing order pay cash in another bank to lanlord constant bank charge of 8 a week for overdrawn now my bank acct has been closed without warning under section 11 im livid the way ive been treated by this pathetic bank and its selvish attatude ive paid 450 this year alone in charges and now cant open another acct which is needed to be paid and pay bills its about time they were stoped from doing this to innocent victims of their stupid rules and more was done to protect its customers yours sincely a whitfield

  • hi all same here yesterday, account was suddenly after a 2 years put under review but told I can go into my branch and withdraw my money, this was 16.40 so to late to get it out, went in today and they will not give me my money, that I need single dad with 5 kids from 2 to 13, all they said was u have to ring barclycard wtf never had one, rang them they said nothing to do with them, they said ring debit card services which put me on hold for a hour and still cant help, what the hell am I going to do how can they do this its not legal, my kids now have no dinner or nothing thanks to Barclays , way to go

  • Hello, I got the same problem. I opened a bank account on the 2nd of October and exactly 18 days later I got the same letter as above. I only managed to put my University cheque (bursary) in of 500 pounds (which was done by one Barclays staff member in a branch). After a week of opening an account (500pounds were already in) I made a transaction of 430 pounds to my friend (for house rent and a debt). I basically have proof of the exact amount I sent the guy.
    Moreover, I called the Barclays support and one of their specialists team member wrote a complaint for me which should be answered in 3 working days from today. I am desperately waiting for an explanation why my account is being closed. Tomorrow I am also heading to my see Personal Tutor and SU Advice (student advice centre for any kinds of problems) and I will try to get more information regarding the problem (not to mention their check might have been fraudulent?). If this comes to that that the cheque I got from Uni was fake, this could turn into better situation for me (maybe?).
    Anyways the reason why I wrote is that if someone that got past this problem could write me an email of what should I exactly do, because I am a EU student only studying in the UK and have no idea.


    email: laurynas.pupsta@gmail.com

    • This happened to my husband in September. He opened an account and started using the account immediately. Within 1 week, barclays froze the money in the account (£20k)and closed it. My husband went to the branch everyday for 5 days and made over 20 calls to the fraud call centre but this did not get us any closer to our money back. They kept on referring him to each other and both areas claimed they could not help us and could not give us any information as the case was under investigation. We finally managed to get a hold of a senior fraud manager and he released the money immediately. Barclays has never explained why the account was under investigation. It caused us so much stress and we will never use Barclays ever again.

  • Hello. I opended a basic account with barclays this month no problem got my card and pin in the post got my internet banking up and running 7 days after opening it i got a letter saying they are closing my account but no reason given. WTF. Wish i stayed clear of them. Thankfully no money had been put in there yet.

  • Just happenee to me today with Barclays. Only in my case the account was new as i got the closure letter from Natwest after being there 5 years so went straighy to Barclays. I havent paid a penny in im still within 60 days at natwest and today Barclays have given me my 60 days notice. Exceptionally concerned. Couldnt help notice that i, like many others on this thread, have middle eastern names……….

  • Latest person 25th november. letter from Barclays exactly the same as printed above. No reasons after several phone calls. I do not have a middle eastern name.

  • Just another comment, I personally got my money out immediately, and do not have any money frozen in my account. Any one who does have it would be advisable to take it to a small claims court or get legal advice. I was very frightened and hurt by it all.

  • Barclays is just a joke. I opened an account 2 weeks ago and they sent a letter shutting ot down in 3 months. Funny thing is that my partner persuade me to open one in barclays. And apart the fact that the messed up the first appointment, they wanna shut it now for no reason. I did not even have a chance to activate the account until yesterday. So yeah. I reccoment natwest guys. 5 years and not a sigle complain. Barclays is just a joke.

  • Exact same letter received in the post. In branch they where asking for prove of ownership of the funds. Which I happily provided; wage slips, contract of employment and even went to the extent of asking the director of the business to accompany me in branch all of resulted in me having to send all the information to a Coventry address. Honestly cannot believe such a big household name bank can do this to its customers. After several in branch visits and numerous hours on the phone, just to be told that I just have to wait for a response. This is joke and something I don’t feel I should let go of.

  • I received the same letter posted above about the closure of the account today January 15/2016.. I phoned to find out why the account was being closed bare in mind I opened the account less than 2 weeks ago.. the lady I spoke to today couldn’t give me no explanation as to why that decision was made.. I was told to phone customer service tomorrow to see what the reason for the account being closed.

  • omg!!!! this happended to me on Saturday 16.01.16. I have had my Barclays account for just over 16 years and I am expecting quite a large payout for redundancy. I have been told that I can draw money over the counter so long as I take my payslip in showing them where the money has come from and my ID. they also said my standing orders and direct debit will still be paid as normal until they complete the account review???

    • I am now in the bank with my payslip and my ID and now they are telling me that I can’t draw out my money….. what can I do some please give me some advice.

  • Hi anni….I got all my money back over the counter but after 2 weeks…I made a complain 1st n then went to my main branch n spoke to the main manager n provided them all the details to them plus I got an email address of the fraud dept n tgen emailed them too, with all the details from where the money cane from and also I asked tge company who paid me a big amount to verify it with the bank….after all the investigation n verification they said it’s okay n closed my account n paid me the whole amount over the counter….so if u have every details of the transactions get them to the branch manager n also email it to the fraud dept..m sure u will get ur money back

    • Thanks for the advice, I have taken in my payslip and letter from the company that I’ve received the money from and finally some really nice lady at the bank has taken copies of them, certified the copies and sent them off to the Fraud Dept.. so fingers crossed…. after this drama and reading up on the fraud they themselves committed with the elephant scandal I no longer want to have anything to do with Barclays Bank…. They are nothing but a bunch of gangster thugs… The stress they have put me and so many others through is beyond a joke and I pray they get whats coming to them

      • Hi I wouldn’t hold ur breath I had an insurance pay out go into my daughters account as I never had a bank account and drew out 2k then they froze account on suspicion of fraud I’ve been to
        Many branches and spent hours on the phone to Barclays to have so many different stories told to me , I’ve provided them with all the documents of where the payment came from emailed Fraud dept all the evidence,had my insurers accounts team contact them and they are saying it could take months for me to get my other 8k from them as they have a back log of fraud investigations to deal with

  • Hi All

    Same letter today in the post.

    Had acct less than 2 weeks. Says closing 31st March 16.

    Transferred 900 from Halifax and was using acct for daily spends.

    Only reason I can think of for fraud here is I was in Co op a few days ago. Did a contact less transaction for £5 and card authorised but till said no.

    They let me take goods as I’m a regular and promised if monies went back into my acct I’d go in and pay em.

    That transaction has now disappeared from my acct. No sale. No refund.

    Going to go to branch tomorrow and talk to them.

    After reading this I only hope I’m not now blacklisted and also don’t have any issues with my main acct as if that closed I’m be up shit Creek.


  • Just had my company account closed been with them for 9 months ! No reason given Havd money on the way to that bank for my employees as well “Barclays are one big scam !! Hopefully the FOS will resolve this

  • Received the same letter, for all accounts including our mortgage, which we’ve never missed a payment on. Absolutely terrified we’ll lose our home and be blacklisted. I can’t believe this is allowed to happen. Have written to the ombudsman but not hopeful. We have a 5 month old baby and now borrowing money from family for everyday expenses and food.

  • Same thing happened to me, I don’t kW wat to do, they sent a letter of closure on 4th of March but I go the post in my house on the 7th of March. I have no money I was expecting, I don’t do online banking, dey didn’t give me an explanation. Am just so confused. Am stranded. Rilli need help.

  • Hello

    I am currently going through a similar struggle with Lloyds, only the amount they have frozen is nearly £8,000, and is all the money I have in the world.

    I cannot be paid for the work I do as a freelance writer because my bank cannot accept incoming payments and many clients will not settle invoices with cash. I cannot withdraw money to buy food, transport, clothes for my child, days out for my family… well I can, but I have to go into branch with Identification, wait for 45 minutes while they phone the fraud department and get approval, and even then I am limited to a £50 withdrawal.

    They are threatening to close my account. This is all because somebody paid £152 into my account for Bitcoins that is suspected to have come from a stolen bank account.

    • Yh hi john how did you find out what exactly had occurred with your account, I am still pretty much clueless. I have gathered from the many forums online that some type of fraud must have occurred, but what exactly happened I am still in the dark about.

  • why are barclays acting funny?

    April 15, 2016 at 11:15 am



    During march, i lost my card. Me being myself, I don’t always use my credit card to buy lunch. The next week, I check my online banking and find out that I can’t log in and that there is a number i should call. I checked my pockets and couldn’t find my card so i went in branch to inform them straight away.

    All i was told is that my account has been blocked and that they are reviewing it that it could take a months time. They showed me the screen and they said, are you aware of the 2k that was transferred into my bank account. i said no. The person tried to take out 1.7k but failed and tried to take out 300 but failed. i get a letter yesterday from barclays saying that they terminated my account which was issued on the 10th April. This was three days late.

    I went to the bank to seriously complain about this issue because i have no knowledge of where this money came from. If they actually look at my account, they would see that everything is fine apart from that dodgy transfer.

    I went to complain to the police and then spoke to action fraud about this. They said they will investigate my appeal.

    I actually don’t mind banking with barclays but for them to close the account by an action that I didn’t do or also have no clue on where it came from is really absurd. I’m devastated and stressed out.

    What do you guys think i should do.

    Email: alexikwu28@yahoo.co.uk

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  • Hi
    I had the same thing. Barclays closed my account with £1.5k. And they sent me the same letter. But after they make it really really difficult to get the money back.
    I first went to one branch and they said that I have to call a number of a leaflet that was about lost accounts.
    I called the number and they said that the account was not lost.
    After I went to the branch again because I called maybe 5 times but on the phone they told me to go to the branch.
    And when I went to the branch they told me to call.
    First at one branch they told me that I had £1.5k in my account and I wasn’t sure about it because I was expecting a transfer. They told me that I had to send a letter by post and they will reply by post but they never reply.
    After when I went to the branch again they said that my account had £800 so about £600 difference.
    Then I called again and I went to the branch again and at the end I called from the branch and then someone just went to the computer and called the other team. What I think is that they have a team in the head office that basically looks for any excuse to close accounts without warning. Because I’m sure there is a lot of people that never goes their money back so maybe if the average amount of money that people have when an account is closed is £1k and 50% of the people recovers the money after investing a lot of time and energy doing it then still they profit £500 per account closed. So I’m sure is a good return for them.
    Because I believe a normal process will be to send a warning letter and ask for an explanation if something is not normal with the account, if they do that instead of closing the account and taking the money people can do something about it.
    So after I went to the branch the guy was about an hour trying to get hold of someone and at the end nothing happened. What happened was that it was closing time and I had to leave without my money.
    And that’s not all. After a friend was a sole trader and had good activity in the account and Barclays also closed the account with about £1.7k.
    My friend went to a solicitor to see if they will listen to a solicitor but nothing happened.
    They told the solicitor that the customer has to go to the branch
    Basically if you call they tell you to go to the branch and if you go to the branch they tell you to call. They may have instructions to do everything they can not to release the money.
    I also read something about bitcoins, they will close any account trading bitcoins because that currency is a threat because one day people will realise that is better to have money in real estate, or to open a company offshore and have the money there rather than risk their money with the bank.
    They don’t even have cashiers anymore.
    So anyway my friend didn’t receive the money back yet but they may release it after chasing them a lot.
    They still have my money, I have accounts in many of the other banks and they won’t take the money without warning. I believe that if a bank closes an account the right thing to do is to send a cheque with the remaining balance.
    The person that started this post also had to ask the cashier to give him his money.

  • I have had the same thing happen to me. Had an account with ThinkMoney am looking to start saving for a mortgage – opened the account and got a text on Mon 25th saying my card has been stopped.
    Called them up and they said they have written to me.
    My pay has gone into the account (it was too late to stop it) and since then direct debits have come out.

    I am trying to get another account sorted but due to work and being away from home its not been easy. Need the new account first before I can try and get my money back (nearly 2k)

    the letter is dated 25th – the date of closure
    (copy here http://imgur.com/57rf5Lk )

  • I had the same thing. Barclays closed my account with £ 3k. And they did not send me any letter. how can I get the money back.

  • Barclays close my account on 11th April and froze the total amount of £5.4k. The closure letter was sent on the 17th April stating also that I remove all my funds. I got the letter on the 21st April and proceeded immediately to the bank branch only to be told I can’t have access to my fund yet until a response was obtained for my query.

    I wrote two letters dated 15th April and 25th April to the address in Coventry and I got a response from Barclays on 3rd May that the case is been considered and that an update will be provided by 24th May. I got another letter today stating that a response will be provided on the 21st June.

    Has anyone been able to get a response from them after the 8 weeks wait period?

    • Hi Koy, please could you kindly update me when the final letter on the 21st. I have the same issue with Barclays

      • the final response was that I should get in touch with the bank that made the transfer into my account who in turn should contact Barclays stating that the transfer was intended. still waiting for this to be done

  • Yes its happened to me yesterday was wondering hiw I go about makeing them act on not treating people like this its digusting and iim gonna do something about please put your name underneath if your with me please they shouldn’t beable to get away it

  • Same thing has happened to me gotta wait 2 weeks now for a reply in writing

  • Hello.

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

    I find myself in a similar situation… Stranded while traveling and no access to cash and unable to pay personal bills for the family.

    I actually find myself at a local library typing this as due to my assets being frozen I’m unable to pay Sky or other bills and even petrol for my car. I have a family, wife and 3 children, one being 15 months old.

    I consistently got vague answers from cheeky advisers with Barclays on the phone.

    I also have my own company to which that account has been frozen also due to this review that’s going on.

    My business is now suffering as bills and payments cannot be processed and received.

    I can only wait now for a letter to be sent out to me.

    At least you had a letter sent out to you I haven’t had one and this was completely out the blue. The review happened yesterday and I can only wait until they send a letter out to me tomorrow. Apparently.

    I will update on any news I receive.

  • Barclays suspended my account on 17th June and froze my £25k. Haven’t received any closure letter yet but asked to remove all my funds. When i went to branch they told me my account is under review can’t have access to my funds.

    It’s your bank close it but give my money back.

    What should i do now..?

  • This happened to my Husband yesterday and has an appointment at the bank today. I am now worried that he will not be able to get access to his funds and we have bills and fertility treatment to pay for.

    Why are they allowed to steal your money?

    • Update. My husband went to the bank today and got all of his funds paid out from the holding account in cash. My bank now looks healthy while he finds an alternative

  • This has happened to me today!! I have a 16 month old child and no money. Ive called them and they are sayin my account is in review and with the fraud department. Ive no idea whats going on or wether ill have my money back. Im in tears. Please someome help

  • Same happened to me today, its my 23rd birthday and this is barclays present to me, I moved to Qatar with no plans of going back to the UK, and now i am stuck in a foreign country with no money at all, my visa is about to end, they wont even discuss the reason, i just have to wait, what do i do????????????

  • This has just happened to me, I have 12k in Barclays, and they have just stopped access to my account, no warning. I am scared.

  • This has happned to me.

    Has anyone been sucusssul on able to get another bank account

  • If you have a bad credit rating Santandar offer a basic account but you can’t apply online, only in branch. If you have a good credit rating you should be able to apply anywhere

  • This has happened to me too..just recieved a letter today saying that my accounts will be closed, when i tried contacting the customer service they give no explanation for why it has been closed. Im a housewife, and have been only using the account lately to buy stuff on ebay and had got money refunded as the items were either broken or not been delivered. Don’t understand what could be the reason for this. Has anyone else managed to get account in any other bank?

  • I have same problem after 4 years with Barclays. My account is closed now. I didn”t recive any letter. No happy anymore with Barclays. Thaks to God that I didn” lost any money I don”t keep them in my account never.

  • This just happened to me. I have a 3 year old daughter. It’s disgusting!

  • Just happened to me inc my savings account but if I take down invoices that are from the money then I can have my money back

  • Just happened to me too, Iv’e had my bank account for over 40 years, and am ex-Barclays staff. No letter, no notification, didn’t have much in the accounts, but they’ve obviously kept the cash. My guess is the banks are crapping themselves about getting fined by the USA for being incompetent with AML rigging interest rates etc,. big banks in Europe seem to be in the firing line RBS and Deutsche cant afford to pay their fines).

  • This has now happened to me,

    Told on the phone, unable to reveal due to TnC’s, that’s all I’ve heard for the past couple days.

    Barclays staff in branch have no idea what they’re doing, spoke to five different people who kept on butting in to add their two cents.

    At one stage, the teller actually said, “I can’t tell you that information” while the other teller interrupted, “Yes, you can.”

    None of them seemed to know what to do, the tellers kept saying “Fraud warning” or something along those lines, which made me feel great while others in the line behind listened in to this conversation.

    Made to feel like a criminal, left in the dark, no money kept at home & no idea how I’m going to buy food tomorrow.

    Ps. Timescale – “None”

  • Same problem for a 21 days, notification at all just a TC’s to refer to. I even called the lippy woman on the phone an idiot, as i asked here to read out the TC’s to me, which she asked me to go in the branch for. I said why “who are you representing then?” so i called her an idiot as she refused.

    Anyway, i got an address from her for the department that deal with it.

    Investigations BSD
    Ground Floor
    East Wing
    Swift House
    Westwood Business Park
    Longwood Close
    CV4 8JG

    I think we should all device a letter and ask as many people to write to them. One letter, with many different signatures, we should also send these complaints to FSA and the rest just to bring the matter to light. I am no hopeful that they will do anything on an individual basis but they will force Barclays to change the way they deal with their customers in the long run.

  • Hi there,

    I am going through the same situation and I am a student. Barclays have treated me with the worst behavior and actions and even cut the phone off of me when I wanted to login a complaint from the customer service department. They are the worst bank and recommend no one! bank with them. There customer service is absolutely vile and treat customers with closed accounts as criminals. They are dishonest and don’t follow procedures and will purposely lie to you because they are told to do so, this I have experienced first hand. As I am a student and had the same situation of closing my account which I had for 4 long years, they took all of my funds even my savings which was separate from my current account. It has been 8 months now trying to receive my funds back and have little hope of getting my funds back which was my gateway for my education as the funds were my student loan and was an investment for my further education of a masters degree,but Barclays have now taken that option from me. There fraud department have no concern that they left me with no money and I had to borrow from friends because my family situation is not the best, and are treating me like a criminal. This is disgusting, how they are able to do what they please and refer to a vague term and condition that states no reasons for the closure and the ceasing of my OWN funds, this is literally braking every right for a human. Words cant explain how I feel and I will NEVER,EVER.EVER TRUST BARCLAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Furthermore, when they did close my account they did not notify me until I used my card and I had to call them up personally, in which I was referred to a lady who stated also this long address:

    Investigations BSD
    Ground Floor
    East Wing
    Swift House
    Westwood Business Park
    Longwood Close
    CV4 8JG

    and further stated I needed to write a letter and proof of finance. She gave me NO! explanation to if my funds were safe and abruptly told me continuously to write a letter. There is toooo much anger to explain in words in how much I have gone through, they have literally put me under so much stress because of an incompetent act created by the fraud department, THEY SHOULD NOT BE OPERATING AS A BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To further add, I have been to the financial ombudsman, and they were unable to help me with receiving my funds as they reviewed that as a “bank”- they have a right to close your accounts as you signed the terms and conditions contract. But for the reason of ceasing my funds is that they cannot take a side so they suggested I go to court in order to fight for my own money. This has left me with little option of what to do next, if anyone please have any ideas or experiences of how to deal with it please leave a comment it is much appreciated, as taking my case to court will take more time and effort in which needs to be used for my education so I can pass my degree.

  • Can anyone confirm if Barclays uk reported them to hmrc for using a personal account for business, last thing i need is a hmrc investigation after all this hassle. not that iv done anything wrong anyway

  • It’s not illegal to run a business via a current account so there’s no reason for the to report. it may be illegal if you don’t declare in come, but that is not relevant to the status of any given bank account.

  • Sedge – While I don’t think it’s illegal to do it, it’s part of Barclays policy not to use personal accounts for business. Not sure why they’d be reporting you to HMRC though.

    Regarding the accounts closures, the reason you can’t get clear answers from them tends to be that if they’ve closed your account due to section 11, it’s because they think it could be something along the lines of fraud, and it would be considered tipping off if they were to give you the reason why, and that would break laws. It sucks, and I’m sure in some cases this justification for closing accounts is very shaky, but sometimes they’ll be doing it legitimately.

  • Hello, I have been also scammed by Barclays, same situation and same lack of information. Someone has feedback of UK Lawyer to start legal procedure to get back my money? Pls do not hesitate to leave here you lawyer contact email/telephone.

  • Hi there, I saw all of your stories, but why the important questions are not putted here to see what we can do about that. Not to fight with them, we have no power to do that. I think the main questions is: what should we do to have another account? how we can make another account, or for example, I have debt of 13.000 £ in personal account, -3250 overdraft, and a barclay card of 3000£ limit which is already spent. If they froze the account, what is going to happen with my debt? I will have to pay them? They have closed this, not me. please I need clear answers.

  • I’ve had my barclays account put under review saying fraud… they keep saying wait for a letter.. will that just say closure of account… I’ve been scammed I was over paid quite alot should of been £400 but £4000 was put in my account.. I was told it’s a mistake and could I withdraw the money, I immediately did thinking it’s not my money what shall I do please

    • Kim, are you saying you withdrew £3600 that wasn’t yours?

    • If you knew that money wasn’t yours and you withdrew it…..that’s going to look incredibly shifty to a bank especially if the person sending it has tried to log a claim for those funds. Best bet is to make arrangements to give the overpayment back, then see if that person/company who paid you can intercede. That’s if you want to keep the account though. Otherwise I’d be looking for a new account.

  • What you mean put 400 back into my acc x

  • Same story for me no reason no explanation nothing froze my pingit acc few month ago and heard absolute nothing

  • My account has been frozen and suspended pending a so called ‘review’.. I have my benefits in the bank but my closest branch is 47 miles away. I don’t drive and they won’t pay expenses for something that is really not my fault. Have been with them for 7 years and have a monthly income of around £1,450 going into the account. They keep saying it’s in my T&C’s and after reading 40 pages of T&C’s the idiots are obviously at it! There is absolutely nothing in the terms about reviews etc except for fraud.. But I haven’t committed any offenses 🙁 my account was set to a default of negative £100,000 whilst the review takes place. My husband is seriously ill with severe mental health problems including anxiety, depression, emotional instability personality disorder and chronic suicidal tendencies. He has actually tried to take his own life because of it all! They think it’s OK to suspend an account with a default negative of – £100,000 balance ONE WEEK before Christmas. How they think this is OK is absolutely beyond me. I have given up talking to Barclay’s and have submitted a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman and I do hope that you have all done the same.

    • Been through it earlier this year, the FO will not listen for many weeks yet, until you have tried to sort it out with Barclays, who you will discover will ignore you and tell you NOTHING.

  • i want to say a big thank you to Holy prophet for what he has done for me and my kids for giving us a reason to smile after all that happen when my lover left me but since contacting Holy prophet l can boldly say my lover is back to me just within 75hours of contacting him, Am short of words on how to say thank you for saving my family. holyprophet8@gmail.com

  • I got a result!!!!

    But they never gave me my entire balance.

    Guys go onto Linkedin and contact Alex Grant. Head of Fraud.

    Email him over and over and over again until you get a reply.

    This person below may eventualyl reply and process your account accordingly.


    I was then put through to this person

    email this person who is part of the complaints department.

    Email them over and over and over again until they get fed up of you and do resolve your claim.

    They have no choice but to.

    They have done with mine.

  • Exactly same story, it’s crazy… I sent the proof of ownership of my funds and I’m now waiting…
    I will try to email them over and over @Raf , I hope it works.

    Good luck to y’all !

  • Add me to the growing list of dissatisfied customers that have had their account closed without notice and cant get their funds back. I attended the branch in December 2016, gave all required ID and yet still am being given the run around. My account was closed down in 2014. It is appalling and I am so surprised that the powers that be are letting them get away with this.

  • Hi, My account just got blocked today, they told me its under review, and there is no explanation why or how long its going to take. this is absolutely ridicules.

  • Updates anyone?

  • I have been with Barclays for over 20 years, and also have a mortgage with them. recently I opened a business bank account with them and one payment only ever came through. 2 days later upon making a transaction, I am told that there has been a ‘business incident’ within the department which needs to authorise the transaction and that I need to return the following day. Upon returning, I am told both my personal and business accounts have been suspended pending investigation, and that nothing more was available to be advised. I then received a letter asking me to confirm if I had made 2 transactions worth £6 on the same day I was at the bank, on the same high street, is this absurd or what? I called in every day to no avail, and submitted a complaint and got bank manager to fast track complain. My compliant was acknowledged and it stated that I should receive a reply within 28 days. 28 days later, I have now received a letter from the bank stating that they can no longer be my bankers and that they will be closing the account the day after the date of letter, sonny the time I have received the letter, the account is closed. I have over £10k in the business account and have lost huge amount of business in the interim. No explanation ever given. I am now going to open bank acc with another bank. Had anyone found opening of new bank account to be a problem due to what Barclays did? Will definitely be taking this up with the ombudsman, although from what I have read is unlikely to make a difference. I am astonished and shocked at the way Barclays has behaved to many people I have read about, and only hope that independent Regulatory bodies for banks start doing their jobs.

  • This has just happened to me today. I went to check my balance online and it said my account was blocked and to call a number. When i called they said my account was “under review” and that I have to take ID to my branch. They said that the fraud team are investigating. I have no clue why this has happened. All my wages go into this count and I have a mortgage and 2 children. I’m so worried that I won’t get my money back. I don’t have a clue what’s going on. How can they leave people in limbo like this? I feel sick with worry. If anyone has any advice, please can you contact me on my email: emma_m_1428@icloud.com

  • I opened an account a week ago and deposited a cheque from my accident claim and also deposited some cash payment which amounted to £4100. After 3 days i noticed my card was not working and also cannot transfer money from the online, so i called and i was told my account was deemed to be closed. i made a research and found this blog and scared the hell out of me that i will be without my money for a long time. I rushed to the bank on Saturday to get it sorted, i insisted to see the manager asap with anger and i was directed to him and i explained to him, he looked into my account and cannot tell why the account was being closed, he called up and they said it could have been a mistake but no guarantee that the account is will be left opened. at this point i wanted just my funds first before anything else. after hours on the phone a bit over closing time i was told that account will be re-opened and that i can access my funds. but there was not enough time to do this so i had to come on Monday. I went on money and after few phones calls i withdrew my money with proof of where the money was coming from which i showed them on the first day too. and i was later told the account was closed the day after i opened it and will remain closed. My question here is, why cant the system that determines one eligibility to close account be used during application so you can be declined rather than put people through this stress. and for notice it does say you will receive a letter of warning if your account was to be closed but i never receive any or a phone call. never going with them. now with nationwide

  • Hello everyone,

    I FINALLY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GET MY MONEY BACK. Like everyone here, my account has been closed without reason and my funds were frozen. This started in December 2016 and as I’m writing this post, we’re in June 2017. I hope this will help you guys, here is how I managed to get my assets back:

    As everyone, I called Barclays again and again, have been on hold for hours, hung up at and have been sent back and forth from departments to departments. The department responsible for our cases is the Investigation Team. Whatever phone number Barclays employees gave you, it’s wrong as there is no direct phone number to this team. You need to call one of the department, explain your situation and they will transfer your call to their team. Many employees gave me different numbers with different options (I have a big list of them) and none of them are right!
    Also, going to your local branch to sort this problem is useless, I’ve been there and what they do is call a department and wait, as they’re put on hold. I’m not kidding, I stayed for an hour at my branch, with an employee, waiting.

    Once you’ve been able to reach the investigation team, they ask you many security questions and they want accurate answers (e.g. ask for a transaction you made, the exact amount with the date). When they access your file, they see a sort of series of notes. One of the last notes (preceding the closing of the account) says that in order to unfreeze your funds, you need to send proof of ownership of the money. HOWEVER, they don’t mention what kind of proof, when I asked over the phone, nobody knew and they told me things like account statements, etc. I sent some proof and I’ve been told to wait until Barclays contact me. I waited for months, called them and sent them letters, it always has been the same answer: “the investigation must haven’t processed your case yet”. Note that I never got an answer from the letters I sent.
    And someday, after months of waiting, I got in touch with the investigation team, and they suddenly told me that I needed to ask the remitter’s bank (the bank who sent money on my account) to send a SWIFT message to Barclays, mentioning that the money transfer has been made willingly etc.

    Guys, THIS WAS THE SOLUTION. I asked the people who transferred large amount of money on my account to have their bank send a SWIFT MESSAGE to Barclays. After that, a month or two later, I called them and a note appeared on my file saying that my funds were released. They told me to go to my local branch with two IDs (with picture) and a proof of address in order to get my money.

    To be honest I really didn’t think I would get my money back lol. Before that, I tried many things like filing a complaint at Barclays, sending tons of emails to Barclays Fraud Operation team but none of these worked.
    Btw, I think this whole thing is a strategy for Barclays to get money. The money of people who gave up by that bullshit end up in their pockets.. Anyway, that’s a theory and I guess we’ll never have an answer to that.

    I hope this will help, if you have any questions I will try to answer them on this comment. Good luck everyone!!

    • Oh I forgot to mention that a SWIFT message is a specific messaging protocol between banks. Each bank has a “SWIFTBICC” which represents their ID, Barclays’ SWIFTBIC is BARCGB22. Your bank should know that anyway.
      In the SWIFT message, the remitter’s bank sent a short message explaining the situation and added the details of the money transfer, with the info of the sender and receiver accounts.

      • I too am happy to report that I got my money back, even though it was only a small amount. I went through the British Bankers Association and that is what did the trick. The email address for anyone that may need it is mylostaccount@bba.org.uk or potentially directly with Barclays. Below are the contact details of Barclays dormancy team who process the refund of dormant account funds held by the bank.

        Dormancy & Servicing Team
        Barclays Bank PLC
        LE87 2BB
        Mail Van 43
        Fax 01753 606 387

        Customer Services 0345 7345345/ +44 2476 842 100

        That is what I was sent by British Bankers Association. Hope it helps others. And I trust that the cheque sent to me will be honoured and so will end my battle and association with Barclays.

  • Hi. I opened abusivas account on Feb 2017. This is a new business, my own business for project management work. I opened a LTD company and registered for VAT as turnover will go over the 80K threshold but it is not profit as I have to pay suppliers and VAT and etc….
    Anyway, both my personal account (which I have held over 15 years) and my business account has been frozen pending investigation.

    On the phone they tell me that they have to refer me to the TC’s of my account and to go to the branch with my ID.
    I have done this today. I have managed to withdraw all the funds from my personal account but the funds in my busines account (75K) was not release as they could not speak to the investigation team as it is Saturday.

    Now I have to submit VAT to HRMC and with no doubt I have to pay HRMC and my suppliers too but as I am lectins the dark… as theAssistabt branch manager cannot give me any information…
    I have an appointment for 09:30 on Monday 3rd July 2017.

    I want of o to this appointment armed with everything I need to ensure these infra are release so that I can make payment to HRMC and my suppliers. I can account for all transactions via invoices and etc… as this is a new business and now my only income they are jeopardising my whole source of income as my client is not understanding (multi national corporate).

    I am panicking and very close to do the unthinkable as if I don’t have access to these funds I am lost… please someone who has beentjroyhb this successfully please please help me


  • Hi this morning I woke up and my online banking was frozen with Barclays I went into the store where I was spoken to so rudely… they wouldn’t help me as to why my account had been frozen she gave me a number which I called was on hold for 39 minutes then told to go back into the store as they couldn’t help me my account was under review and that was that I can’t access my daughters Saving account which has 4000 pound in and nobody at the bank will tell me anything other than it’s up for review please somone help me

  • Had the same issue I barely used the a card as I have a different account and only had about 5-6 transactions 3 being bank transfers for when I couldn’t find my main card. I suddenly get a message a week after my account is under review and now it’s been closed, I have rang up Barclays and been passed from pillar to post about it and now being told to go in the branch. It said in my closure letter under section 11 so not sure what that is about!! I’ve only sold a few things by bank transfer and have proof of conversation and posted the items. I only got £15-£30 for each thing and sent first class signed for.. can anyone help me and do you know if this will have an effect on credit ):
    Thank you
    Never used the card so I am hoping it’s that but it’s the fact I received a text saying “unusual activity”

  • Hi all I am shocked and saddened by all I have been reading,I am in a similar situation and I have been messed about and made to look like a criminal. Please anyone help?. Lekan

  • Hi could some one help me please !

    this exact letter came to my address and my account has been closed I have never done fraud or used my account for nothing but normal bills and my wages. I can not get a bank account anywhere I keep getting turned down 🙁 I have nothing to pay my wages into and have to have a post office account which is not useful at all Barclays have given me no explanation or no guidance as to what I can possibly do.

  • Same thing happen to me any body got money update me please my 18000k in account no body knows how I get access to my fund can anybody recommend me any good solicitor money is in my account from last 8 month

  • I had the same situation. My accounts were frozen around mid October pending review, later. A few days later I received the letter stating they were closing my accounts and to find a new bank as soon as possible. It’s now the end of November and they are not returning £2500 that I have in a ISA account. I have had to phone them up on numerous occasions and just keep getting fobbed off. I had to email evidence to an email address (proof of funds). Which I did on 7th November. The funds had come from the death of my Mother, and I emailed solicitors letters detailing the estate and inheritance money, yet still they are NOT returning my money. I am no criminal. I am not a money launderer, or committing any time of fraud what so ever, I have no idea why they have done this to me.

    I am at a point where I am wanting to go to the press or find a solicitor. If there is anyone else still having trouble getting money back, maybe we should all get together and go to the same solicitor?

  • Hi guys,

    Any one resolved the issue?

    Please let me know.

    I am facing the same problem.


  • Barclays just done me the same thing my card got sucked into the machine went into branch they said my account is closed pending review then they closed my account on Feb 20 2018 and if I didn’t go into branch on the 23 I wouldn’t have known this they can’t tell me why it’s closed and I can’t get my money back

  • It took a long time, but eventually I got my money back. Good luck to everyone else trying to sort through your problems with Barclays. I am dumbfounded that they are able to conduct themselves in such a fashion. This is not the only issue I have had with them. As one of the largest banks in UK, how can their PR department and Executive Team be sitting back and allowing this to go unchecked?? I guess the shear numbers of customers that they have is their only saving grace!!!

  • Same experience as Bella (26/02/18). Got my money back but only after jumping through Barclay’s hoops for about three months. Their system for closing accounts and then reimbursing the victims is kafkian. There seems to be no set procedure for anything – call them up and you get a different story, depending on who answers the phone. Left me wondering what their objective was – seems they just wanted to get rid of me as a client.

  • Oh my god this is crazy this hapoened to me today. They took 2 grand off me and closed my account and didnt tell me about it and they wont say why over the fone its mental i cant believe how often this happens? This is some serious stuff this needs to be investigated coz this is ridiculous! Barclays are clearly crooks

  • Got a shock this morning barclays business account was overdrawn by £500,000, so rang barclays to say ive been a victim of fraud as my bank balance showed £500,000 in minus and they responded saying its not fraud your account is in review. After visiting the branch which they had no clue and kept on passing the buck decided to lodge a complaint with barclays. After 2 weeks of ringing them still no answer every answer they give is very vague please help my business is on its knees!!!

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