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Published Articles

I am a writer. Below is a sampling of my published work. 



             The Diplomat: May 2018 Timor-Leste: a nation waiting for a government


              Roads & Kingdoms: May 2017 Life Under the Volcano        


              Quartz: August 2016 The Nepalese Guide to a Bank-free Savings Account


               The Diplomat: July 2016 A State Within a State: Tibetans in Nepal


                Narratively: April 2016 The Village That Turns Bombs Into Spoons


               The Guardian: March 2016 Relics of the US Secret War in Laos


               The Billfold: April 2015 The Curious Case of $2 Bills in Ecuador


               Contributoria: April 2015 Our Streets: The Early Days of Occupy Wall Street 


               Anti-War: March 2015 When Politics Mean More Than Human Lives


               The Guardian: February 2015 Ecuador Launches New Digital Currency           


               VICE: February 2015 Confessions of a Bitcoin Dealer


              VICE: November 2014 The Deep Web Could Make Human Smuggling Safer


              VICE: September 2014 I Was Arrested For Murder in Transniestria


              Truthout: August 2013 From Idealism to Cynicism at FEMA


               Nowhere Magazine: August 2013 Revolutions: The Paris Commune 


              Lowestoft Chronicle: May 2013 Forty-Five Minutes to God


              GoNomad.com: Dec 2012 Crossing Argentina by Truck, Boat, Rail and Bus


              Escape From America: Nov 2012 In Search of Healing from Sept 11th


              Narrative Magazine: July 2012 Chinandega, Nicaragua







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