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Around the North Sea (Photos)

Last week I circled the southern wedge of the North Sea. I took a train to the English coast, a boat to Netherlands then traveled overland along the coast heading south through Belgium and into France before taking a boat across the straight of Dover and back up the English coast, thus completing the circle. Below, a few of my favorite photos from the trip:

Holland-Belguim-France13' 072This is a canal in a village in the northern Netherlands. Much of the nation is below sea level and most towns and cities have canals like this crisscrossing them.

Holland-Belguim-France13' 058The amount of bicycles on the streets of Amsterdam is incredible. There are more bicycles than cars; even more bicycles than people in this city. The city is flat (again, below sea-level) and “Dutch-style” bikes only have one gear and pedal brakes. The city is seemingly designed around bikes. This is parking outside the train station. Across the street is a three level parking garage with thousands more bicycles.

Holland-Belguim-France13' 117

Across the border the Flemish (northern) section of Belgium has a lot in common with the Netherlands. While not quite the Bicycle Mecca of Amsterdam, Bruges’ largest monument includes bicycles.

Holland-Belguim-France13' 107


Waffles are a common food in Belgium. And they are delicious.

Holland-Belguim-France13' 135A view of the London Eye from across the Thames River.




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