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A Notebook From 2016

I carry a notebook with me almost everywhere I go. I see each one filled as a new chapter completed. This one began in Nepal and ended in the US with the election. Here are some excerpts… — What is life? Life is the capacity for growth. It is our ability and desire to improve.

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My Experience with Inkshares: A Cautionary Tale

  About a year ago, in late 2015, I stumbled upon a decentralized, crowd-funded publisher called Inkshares. At a glance, it looked great. Inkshares seemed a combination of a couple of passions of mine. I’ve been interested in the trend toward decentralization for years and am forever interested in projects that subvert media funding models.

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The Dakota Access Pipeline: Today’s Most Important Fight

If the United States is going to move forward in a progressive direction it will be forced to do so from the ground up, kicking and screaming. The encampment blocking the Dakota Access pipeline is today’s best hope. If the world is saved from environmental disaster it will be because ordinary people took action, not

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