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The Village That Turns Bombs Into Spoons

The first time I rented a motorcycle and drove toward Ban Napia I heard loud booms of thunder. It was mid morning with clear skies. I pulled over and looked around. In the distance, green mountains rose up, and in the valleys between them was a second row of peaks, then a third, each one

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Privilege & Perspective

Last week I got sick in Thaton, Myanmar and learned a couple of lessons. Thaton is a small place, it was just a dot on a map I choose at random. There were a handful of guesthouses but only one had a license to serve foreigners. “All foreigners this room,” the clerk told me as

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Relics of the secret US war in Laos

  La lok Phengparkdee has been turning bombs into spoons since he was eight. He lives in Ban Napia and works with the relics of the secret war waged by the US in this tiny country while the world’s attention was focused next door on Vietnam. For nine years during the 60s and 70s, the

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