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War, All Of The Time

When I walk into supermarkets I usually stop in front of the newspapers for a minute to read the headlines. This week, I saw one that seemed unusually candid: Prime Minister Asks Parliament To Forget Past, Vote For War. There are some major differences between invading Iraq in 2003 and 2014. It seems that now

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In Support of an Independent Scotland

On Thursday Scotland will vote on independence; and they should vote yes. According to the latest opinion polls, the Yes campaign has come from behind and pulled into a dead heat. I’ve been living in England for a year, but my support is firmly behind Scotland breaking away from the United Kingdom. There are some

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Russian Rebels In Transniestria Arrested Me For Murder

Yesterday VICE published a version of this story. This gives a slightly deeper socio-political context. — The rebels in eastern Ukraine are not trailblazers. In 1992 pro-Russian rebels carved out a de-facto state on a narrow strip of land between Moldova and Ukraine. Transniestria, the fledgling state of half a million people has since created its

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