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Can the Dark Web Make Human Smuggling Safer?

Can a digital marketplace be created to facilitate human smuggling contracts, and could they be developed in such a way as to make the practice safer?

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Mean World Syndrome

The news headlines this week have been rather depressing. Israel and Palestine are fighting again; ultra-violent extremists are taking over Syria and Iraq; war in Ukraine; Ebola outbreak in West Africa; and protests in U.S. met with a militarized police force. Even celebrity news of late has been focused on a suicide. There are some

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Transniestria: The Last Refuge of the Soviet Union?

Transniestria is a breakaway state squeezed between Moldova to the west and Ukraine to the east. When the Soviet Union was coming undone and the various republics declaring independence, Transniestria went against the grain and fought a war to stay in the Soviet Union. While no nation recognizes this fledging state (with the exception of

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