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“You can prepare for anything. Except for a man who collects egg cartons”

Soon after moving to England I began collecting egg cartons. I remember once hearing that they could be used for sound proofing so I thought I’d tape a few to a wall. I told my flatmates and a few neighbors to give me their empties. I’d come home and there would be a new one

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Without Me

The week that the Iraq War began was spring break. I went back to New York for a few days and took the train into Manhattan with some friends for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. I knew there would be a lot of people out in the streets so I wore an old tee-shirt and

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Twelve Roses

Three weeks ago, while having a few pints at the pub, a friend blurted out, ‘I should totally set you up with my mom.’ ‘Huh?’ ‘You guys have a lot in common’ Blank stares from the rest of the table. ‘Errr, never mind that came out wrong.’   A week passes and it’s my friend’s

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