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Ukraine and Our Own Biases

Results from 2010 presidential election Ukraine has been in the news cycle for a surprisingly long time. And it’s been a great case study in how our own biases dictate our views. Both sides—Russia and the West—are claiming the high ground. Both sides are claiming that the other is the aggressor and they are just

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New York City can be a depressing place. The people can be callous and cold. So when I traveled to Central Africa, the most shocking thing was how genuine and friendly the locals were, and I thought to myself; this is why I travel. A few days after returning to New York I took a

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In Progress

Grad school has been taking larger than usual chunks of my time lately. I’m also committed to updating this blog fairly consistently, so I’ll combine those things and list longer projects I’m working on for Grad school. – Post-war Nicaragua through the lens of conversations with a drug addicted gang member and a Christian revolutionary;

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