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Alternative & Unusual Currencies

Last week I went to the bank with a backpack full of cash and deposited $1600 in $2 bills. It’s all part of a recent fascination of mine with alternative and unusual currency: $2 bills, Bitcoin and Ithaca Hours.

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Revolutions: Somali Pirates

While “Pirates of the Caribbean” has become a multi-billion dollar Disney franchise, a new generation of sea bandits has risen off the coast of Somalia.

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The Hypocrisy of Rafael Correa (VIDEO)

Full disclosure: I was deported from Ecuador shortly after Rafeal Correa was elected president and have been following his political career closely ever since. I also met him when he was president-elect. Last week Ecuador’s president, Rafeal Correa, was once more in the news for his courageous aid of a whistleblower. With the help of

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