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Work (The Dichotomy Between Policy Makers and Those They Make Policy For)

Last week I began working at the International Affairs Building at Columbia University.  Almost daily there are academic forums and lectures addressing abstract but important global issues.  The concentration of intelligence, knowledge and theory is impressive, and I, I park their cars. I actually do not particularly like cars, nor do I know much about them (I learned how to

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NYC Subway

Before I ever moved to NYC I idolized the subway system here.  My riding experiences were mostly in Manhattan and it forever amazed me that underneath all the towering skyscrapers exited such a vast network of tunnels and trains that kept the city moving. When I moved to Brooklyn the first thing that went up on my wall was

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Brooklyn is Burning

***This was the first post of my first blog, circa 2010. I’ve since moved to queens, though its 2013 and I’m still in NYC. It’s harder to get to know lady liberty than I thought–or maybe I just like what I see. I’ll be re-posting a best-of from that old blog while I work out

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