Monsanto: A Beginner’s Guide To The World’s Most Dangerous Corporation (2015)

  Today, over 400 protests in 38 nations will join a grassroots effort called March Against Monsanto. But who is Monsanto and why should you know about them? You may not think you’re familiar with Monsanto, but you probably eat Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) created by them every day. Monsanto created the first GMO in […]

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Rafael Correa: from candidate for change to president for life

Once a darling of the Ecuadorian left, the president’s power-grabs and policy reversals have hollowed out his support from the social movements that first brought him to power

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The Curious Case of $2 Bills in Ecuador

This story first appeared in The Billfold and has been featured by Public Radio International’s The World, The John Batchelor Show and The New York Times.


It’s my last night in Ecuador and I’m leaving a bar with some friends when one of the bartenders runs out after us.

“Are you the guy who exchanges $2 bills?”


He pulls out a ten. “I’ll take five.”

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New York is Baltimore; Baltimore is New York

Yesterday evening thousands of New Yorkers gathered in Union Square to show solidarity with the protests in Baltimore over the death of an unarmed black man in police custody earlier this month. It was the latest show of force from the #blacklivesmatter movement and its largest protest in this city since the Millions March in […]

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When Politics Mean More Than Human Lives; Saudi Arabia Bombs Yemen

This week a coalition of Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia bombed targets across Yemen in an attempt to reverse recent gains by Shiite rebels. The Saudi’s also announced that 150,000 soldiers had been deployed in anticipation of a possible ground invasion. It’s all part of a familiar recipe. It has become so familiar that […]

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Ukraine Conflict: Don’t Trust The Media

The armed rebellion by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine has been ongoing for nearly a year, and if you believe everything Western media says, it’s astonishing that the conflict did not end months ago. It does not have popular support and is propped up by Russian troops; but that effort, combined with sanctions, has brought […]

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Ecuador launches new digital currency – but most residents know little about it

Bill passed last July gives Central Bank authority to create digital dollars, but opinions divided along party lines amid concerns of a presidential power grab

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