The Dakota Access Pipeline: Today’s Most Important Fight

If the United States is going to move forward in a progressive direction it will be forced to do so from the ground up, kicking and screaming. The encampment blocking the Dakota Access pipeline is today’s best hope. If the world is saved from environmental disaster it will be because ordinary people took action, not […]

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President Trump; thoughts on a broken system


It’s been a hectic and confusing week. Donald Trump was elected the leader of my birth-nation. There is so much to unpack in that sentence. I consider Trump’s campaign to have been a snapshot of much of what is wrong with this nation. It was a campaign of fear with a consistent underlining message that […]

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Vote With Your Feet; Leave The Country

Our options go beyond choosing the lesser of two evils.

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The Tragedy of the City


For two months I lived in an isolated Himalayan village, hemmed in on all sides by soaring, snow-capped peaks. I’ve passed through places like this before but had never stayed long enough to fully adjust. This time, when I finally did leave, it seemed the world had changed and the city had become a terrible […]

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The Nepalese guide to a bank-free savings account


In Kagbeni, Nepal, a village of fewer than 1,000 people nestled high in the Himalayas, rupees change hands inside shops and barley is traded for buckwheat in the streets, but there is no modern way to store wealth. The nearest bank is a three-hour hike away; while most villagers have a drawer or plastic bag […]

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A Week In Turkey After The Failed Coup


I arrived in Turkey a week after dissenting military officers briefly hijacked fighter jets, bombed government buildings, took over media stations–and ultimately were defeated by massive and bloody resistance from pro-government civilians. Over two hundred people died in the early hours of July 16th, mostly around Istanbul. The international press was filled with articles that […]

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A State Within a State: Tibetans in Nepal


Across the border from their homeland, Tibetans have created a self-sufficient community but remain officially stateless.

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Upper Mustang (Nepal)


Upper Mustang is a region in north-central Nepal that borders Tibet (China). It is mostly Tibetan, culturally distinct from the rest of Nepal, and was occupied by the retreating Tibetan army until the 1974. It is a restricted area and off limits to any foreigners without a special (and expensive) permit and guide. I’ve been […]

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